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Are you tired of rolling the dice on candidates that do not match your expected profile and expertise? Have you been wasting your time and energy on the entire hiring process? You have a business to run.

This is where we come in…

At E.h. Hudson Consulting, our goal is to become your go-to partner for your project management needs through placements that keep your projects moving steadily ahead, recruiting the perfect candidates for your project management positions at just the right time, helping organizations build high performing PM’s, and helping to ensure that as a PMO you are delivering the right value stakeholders and leadership expect.

When there’s a new project or program in your portfolio pipeline, you want to be sure that you are partnering with the right company with the right talent already lined up, with the necessary experience and qualifications. This is when you need an experienced staffing partner like EHC. We are focused on helping organizations improve project delivery.

We partner closely with our clients to understand their unique processes, company culture and specifics around each project to ensure the perfect match is made. Your next candidate will come fully equipped with knowledge of how healthcare and health insurance works as well as the core project management competencies and soft skills to successfully deliver your organizations next strategic initiative.

We also specialize in the PMO Assessment & Deployment, PM Development via Coaching, Mentoring, and Training.

We help organizations staff and recruit the below roles.

Project Coordinators | Project Managers | Program Managers | Scrum Masters


Our Mission is to help Organizations and Project Managers improve project delivery through building strong partnerships, implementing best practices, thought leadership, and continuous coaching and training.


Our vision is to be the go to staffing agency for project management talent in the Health Insurance and Healthcare Industries.

Core Values
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Deliver Results
  • Evolve & Adapt
  • Leadership






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Our Services

Recruitment & Staffing


This is  the best option for organizations in need of project managers to staff critical initiatives, fill in for an employee who will out of the office for some time, or temporarily replace an employee who is longer with the company.

Contract to Hire:

Looking to test the waters? This is the best way for both clients and candidates to get to know one another before committing.

Direct Hire:

This is the best option for employers and candidates in need of help with matching the perfect candidate with the perfect opportunity on a full time basis.

Corporate Coaching

At EHC we offer three coaching programs for our corporate clients

Grow Program:

This program is for project manager who are either new to project management or newly promoted and need guidance on how to proactively manage active projects, or PM’s who need help building their brand with stakeholders and leadership.

Sustain Program:

This program is for seasoned PM’s who may need guidance and coaching with managing complex projects, stakeholders, and dependencies

Performance Improvement Program:

This coaching program is for Project coordinators and project managers who have been promoted and could use guidance transitioning into their new role. It is also for Project managers who are not meeting expectations and their performance is not as up to part. We will help get them back on track to meet or exceed expectations

PMO Consulting Services

PMO Assessment: We will Assess your organization’s PMO current state  and provide recommendations on how to best meet expectations of the organization

PMO Deployment: This involves doing a PMO assessment, building out a deployment plan, and managing the implementation

PM Maturity & Development: We will develop & mature internal project management talent by conducting an assessment of the PM’s competencies, create a development plan, and provide coaching and mentoring

PMO Staff Augmentation: EHC can help PMO’s improve their overall delivery capabilities by providing talented project management staff on a contract or full-time basis. This will enable PMO’s to keep the minimum staff necessary to deliver active projects, while we help with scaling up or down based on organizations delivery needs

PMO Tooling Selection: We will assist PMO leaders with finding the most efficient Project Management software to suit your current and future needs


The Leading Firm for Healthcare and Health Insurance Staffing Solutions

Stimulation and Inspiration

If you’re seeking a rewarding position as a Project Coordinator, Project Manager, or Program Manager, you’ve come to the right place, particularly if you’re familiar with the Healthcare and Health Insurance sectors. At E.h. Hudson, we cultivate relationships with top employers on your behalf to enable you to make an impact, while making room for the things that matter the most. We understand your ambitions, because each of our experienced recruiters is trained to find the perfect candidate for each project management position in these fields.

Fueling Your Career

Specializing in only this field, we are experts in project management and its specific requirements. Backed by long experience, our recruiters focus on matching each candidate to the perfect project, program or portfolio. Trained to foster the development of talented project coordinators, project

managers, these position-to-person matchmakers highlight your strengths, while offering suggestions on how to bridge any gaps. They are eager to boost your career by polishing your on-the-job potential, as your success reflects directly on their professionalism.

Long-Term Relationships

In this competitive market, the support of our experienced placement staff can steer you towards openings that are seamlessly aligned with your talents, paving the way to future career development. And in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on the gig economy, our recruiters view each assigned candidate as a long-term client, cheering you on as you progress and welcoming you back whenever you seek fresh challenges.

So, if you are ambitious, pro-active and looking ahead to an exciting future, we’d love to work with you. Find out how we can pave the way to an interesting career for you in Project and Program Management for the Healthcare and Health Insurance sectors. Our mission is to make a difference.


Search Career Opportunities


Your Health Insurance And Healthcare Staffing Partner

Perfect Placement, Every Time

Our innovative workforce solutions and talent sourcing capabilities solve complex business problems by aligning interests and creating opportunity. When there’s a new project or program in your portfolio pipeline, you want to be sure that you have the right talent already lined up, with the necessary experience and qualifications. This is when you need an experienced staffing partner like EHC, with one of our dedicated Project Managers focused on recruiting the perfect candidate for the job, familiar with the Healthcare and Health Insurance sectors.

By Project Managers, For Project Managers

Knowing the importance of Project Management for the growth of your business, the EHC recruiter assigned to your candidate search conducts a thorough analysis of your company processes, and its culture, focusing specifically on the project for which a new manager is sought. With the specific requirements for this position clearly defined, our expertise ensures that the best applicant will soon be found through our meticulous screening process.

Once familiar with your corporate culture and the specific initiative, EHC streamlines the time-consuming task of shortlisting the most outstanding candidates, eager to put your plans into action.

Advanced Recruitment Solutions, Tailored To Your Needs

We understand that Project and Program Managers are often the front-facing representatives of your company, in close contact with both clients and vendors. That’s why it’s important to find the perfect candidates for these positions right from the start, because rapid turnover in employees who are in constant contact with clients can downgrade your corporate image and performance, possibly falling behind schedule and even running over budget. Our Project Managers

You Can Count on Us

At EHC, our goal is to become your go-to staffing partner, through placements that keep your projects moving steadily ahead, recruiting the perfect candidates for your project management positions at just the right time.

Why work with us?

Your next Project Manager will come to you with a high level understanding on how healthcare works

Your assigned account manager will partner with your organization to understand your processes and business challenges to ensure that the perfect project manager is matched with the right project

Your next Project Manager will get up to speed quickly and hit the ground running

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