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Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Live Virtual

The CAPM certification is a great way to start your career in project management.

$1,299.00 excl. Tax
Xavier Billingsley

5 days, 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM


  • Contact hours: 23
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09:00 - 16:00
1 day
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Presented by Xavier Billingsley
  • $1,299.00 excl. Tax


Why Choose CAPM Certification?

With CAPM Certification, you will gain a strong foundational understanding of project management principles and be equipped to manage projects with confidence. In addition, The CAPM certification is a valuable credential that can open doors for you and help you land your first job in project management. It's an industry-recognized certification that will demonstrate your competence as a project manager and make you more employable. And it's not just about getting hired—it's also about building your confidence and helping you develop new skills that will serve you throughout your career.

Our CAPM Training Course

Our CAPM training course is designed to help you learn practices and pass the CAPM exam, Our experienced instructors will guide you through each module, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed on the CAPM exam.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get your CAPM training with us:

Expert instructors: Our CAPM training is led by experienced instructors who are certified project management professionals. They bring real-world experience and knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that you receive an in-depth understanding of project management concepts and principles.


Comprehensive course content: Our CAPM training curriculum is designed to provide a thorough understanding of project management and prepare you for the CAPM certification exam. The course covers all knowledge areas of project management, including project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, risk, procurement, and communication.


Interactive learning: Our CAPM training is not just a lecture but an interactive learning experience. Through group discussions, case studies, and hands-on activities, you will gain practical skills and learn how to apply project management tools and techniques in real-life scenarios.

Contact Hours Earned

Earn 23 Project Management Training credits


  • Have a secondary degree, such as a high school diploma, GED (general educational development), or global equivalent
  • Have at least 23 contact hours of project management education completed before the exam

What Do You Get!

What You Will Learn!

Our CAPM training covers all project management knowledge areas, including:


  • Lesson 1: Becoming a CAPM
  • Lesson 2: Projects in Project Management
  • Lesson 3: Organizing for Project performance
  • Lesson 4: Development Approach and Life Cycle Performance Domain
  • Lesson 5: Planning, project Work and Delivery: Predictive Approach
  • Lesson 6: Project Work and Delivery
  • Lesson 7: Planning, Project Work and Delivery: Adaptive Approach
  • Lesson 8: Overview of Adaptive framework
  • Lesson 9: Measurement, Tracking, and managing uncertainty
  • Lesson 10: Business Analysis Framework
  • Lesson 11: Business Analysis Domain

You'll gain a deep understanding of each knowledge area, preparing you for success on the CAPM exam and in your future project management career.

You Will Learn:

  • Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts
  • Agile Framework Methodologies
  • Business Analysis Frameworks